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Restaurant Kitchen Equipments

Mohini Kitchen Equipment is a well known name in the manufacturing & supplying of Restaurant kitchen equipment sector and becomes industry leader in last 8 years. Our Restaurant Kitchen Equipments range is now globally recognized and acceptable as a brand that stands for good quality, durability, safety, performance and professional expertise. MKE’s Restaurant Kitchen Equipments are designed and manufactured to help our clients to deal with the dual issues by offering kitchen equipments that are easy to handle and requires minimal training in handling them perfectly and increase productivity in the Restaurant's Kitchen.
Mohini Kitchen Equipment (MKE) offers a complete range of commercial kitchen equipments for restaurant kitchens which includes everything from freestanding ranges to custom island suites. Our kitchen equipment’s range includes : Single Burner Range/Stock Pot, Three Burner Range, Two Chinese Burner Range, Four Burner Range With Oven, Griddle Plate With Oven, Deep Fat Fryer with Oven, Shawarma Grill, Idli Steamer, Pasta Boiler/Cooker, Tandoor SS, Tilting Steam Kettle, Tilting Braising pan, Tilting Bulk Cooker, Steam Cooking Vessels With Steam Generator, Two Burner Range, Lava Grill/Stone, Charcoal Grill/Bar-Be-Que Grill, Dosa Plate, Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Four Burner Range. Our continuous consistent quality, perfect equipment designing, huge market area coverage and experience of years have given us a cutting edge with our competitors. We keep on working on improving our performance and quality of our restaurant kitchen equipment with each passing year has taken us way ahead of our all competitors. The people at our group are very sensitive and customer friendly about the complaints, which infect is a rare occurrence from the customers.

• Continuous production system
• Variable thickness
• Correct oil content

• Restaurants
• Bakeries
• Canteens and hotels


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